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BMW Mods for Import

Originally Posted by xlurker View Post
Did you have to do the cluster conversion etc for Cdn compliance?
BMW requests that you change the cluster on certain models, however according to RIV you do not have to. BMW's warranty will transfer into Canada, however BC BMW dealers insists that they will not warranty a part you were requested to change but dont (ie a cluster, etc). This is totally up to your dealership, as strange as it sounds.

letters of compliance are no longer necessary when importing ANY VEHICLE due to a class action lawsuit back in 2008. However Recall letters are still needed.

As long as your vehicle has DRL, Immobilizer and Metric Labels you are good to go. If your vehicle doesnt have DRL, you can actually activate them yourself using the gauge cluster computer on some models, such as E92 3 series.

hope that helps!

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