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Just like biginstreets said, this issue has went on for long enough and you have acknowledged that you have made a few mistakes. I am not sure what is taking so long given the fact that i gave you a very reasonable figure for compensation.

You have all the bills (which i give you full rights to scan and post for everyone on maX to see) in front of you which I paid for immediately for work that was not done right - I am asking for the same so why cant you just give me an answer and don't keep me running around? If you don't think that figure is reasonable i can disclose what figure i suggested and go over exactly where I came up with that figure. I mean why should i pay for a $1200 part which was ordered by you guys only to find out that it doesn't fit and that you cannot return it and now im stuck with a part that i have no use for and cannot sell easily (i can even give the parts back to you).

Let me know how you want to proceed Jon, I am exhausted, fed up, out of patience and just want to fix all the problems with my car and be done with it for the last time.

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