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Small update.
Please excuse the picture quality as i forgot my camera and took the pics with my cell.
As it stands the body has been braced and on a jig.
All rust spots have been removed from the main frame and everything cleaned.
We have mounted the front arches and currently are mounding the cabrio reinforcements. We are missing the lower passenger side piece but i will have a company mirror it and fabricate it by hand.
We just got delivery of the roof skin, rear arches, front wings and the panel where the wipers mount.
We have also drilled out the welds so we can remove the rear quarter panels and replace them.
This will be done in stages (remove one part and replace it with new) so as to minimize the possibility of distortion on the body.
All parts are OEM from the dealer.Basically all but the doors, bonnet, sunroof and boot door will be replaced with new.
Unfortunately due to the amount of panels we have to prolong the timeline this will take so we have postponed a big order from VAC that we were about to place till hopefully closer in the summer.
The plan is to get a rolling chassis from the bodyshop that we can transport to our carage and continue the assembly ourselfs.
I will try and get more pics as frequently as i can


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