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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
My 2008 E90 has been rock solid. Since its a 323i (which is the same as the older E90 325i) and doesn't have a lot of options, I think it will actually be a good car going forward. No nav, no idrive, no high stressed motor, but the sports package gives me great suspension and 205HP is good enough, I can tell you. 6 speed manual doesn't hurt.

Maybe we'll see a trend in the future where the loaded versions of cars, like the 330 / 335 will decrease MORE in value than the 325 / 323 simply due to complexity and reliability. Interesting thought.

I've seen E90 323i for under $20K, fyi.
The 323 is a 2.5l. The 325 is a 3.0l (same as the 330, and similar to the 328). I really don't think the 323 will hold it's value any better than the others ... the 335 is really the only one with higher complexity and possible issues.

do NOT NOT NOT under any circumstance even entertain the autotragic transmission in these cars ... they are pure shit. I can't believe BMW would can even sell that wit ha straight face. I had a 335i auto loaner, and it was such a let down.
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