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Originally Posted by DR.ZED View Post
What an awesome view out the side of the garage. Where do you live?

EDIT: Look at the size of that hotwater rad under the window!!
Reykjavik - Iceland!

Originally Posted by InfiniteDice View Post
Holy man, I've dealt with rust like that before, it's a challenge, but you'll feel so accomplished once you're finished. Once you're done the welding, I can't recommend POR-15 enough, buy it, use it, and follow the directions explicitly, the repair will be tough as nails. You'll also want to seam seal everything.

Keep us informed this is a noble undertaking worthy of attention!

Well as we dont have such a vast experience in body repair we have gotten a pro to do it.
At the moment he is replacing the inner fenders/arches and installing the cabrio reinforcements at the strut mounts. We have ordered the roof skin from BMW (normal E30 as M3 is NLA but its the same. Just needs some holes drilled).
Basically he is replacing all panels with new original ones.
When he has finnished with this and resprayed we will move it to our garage and start the rebuild.
Yes the work is insane and the cost is quite extensive but we want to make this one of the best E30 M3 in the world.
Problem is that we need to do it slower than originaly thought (most likely be finnished in 2012) so that its done once and done properly!

Rob said money pit and it is indeed. But wait till we finnish and then see if it was worth it.
Next week i am hoping to start reinforcing the subrames and getting them sandblasted along with the other various driveline parts so i can paint them and reassemble! I will post pics when i can assuming i do start then (work is limiting my time at the moment)

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