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Warranty work, Cylinder valves and or head

If I'm out of warranty, how do you think BMW Toronto going to treat this or charge me?

My experience so far is they start off saying I need to pay the whole freight, then I show them the TSB and politely explain it's a known issue. They then come back after going to the manager and I end up paying for some of the labour.

In this case, other than the noise "tick" the car makes, I could care less about getting this done. No trouble code, just annoying. It could tick forever, I likely won't care. It doesn't tick after the car is nice and hot. My driving is only short trips though, so I hear it often.

I'm just curious, if I could get it done for free, I will.....but I'm not paying for this one. I paid for vanos solenoid and steering column lock already.

I am good to ignore this one if they want money? Any opinions?
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