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What should I do, plz plz advise!!

It runs really good I drove it last night, and brought it to my mechanic. It needs brakes and a muffler! One owner, original paint, 160k, and it looks like it because it looks mint:

He wants $2000 and my car which is this:

He's paying the taxes, it's a dealer, and all I have to do is transfer the plates, the 318 is etested already!

I paid $1200 for my Tiburon, I put lots of stuff in it though, xenons, tint, leather seats, voltage stabilizer, grounding kit, control arms, motor mounts, brakes, exhaust manifold gasket, and a whole bunch of other stuff, it's fully loaded, and it drives very nice, but I really want the bimmer! Should I wait until I sell my Tiburon, or should I just give him the $2000 and get it done and over with!???? Please I know it's random I just need your two cents!

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