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The fact of the matter is that any competent mechanic should be able to fix your BMW...Don't kid yourself they are really not that complicated .

It's a hell of a lot easier to work on a car if you have GT1, ISIS, Snapon Scanner with BMW modules and your careful not to break any of the plastic parts that comprise our cars..

A lift an air tools also help tremendously.

Don't think that a mechanic is going to grease every bolt and clean every nook and cranny they way I know some of you do!

I am not against mechanics but realize that your service price will pay their work hours, rent and profit.

When a mechanic hears you have a BMW they see $$$$ in their eyes.

However that being said Rocco at RMP did give me an excellent quote on some work. I have also heard that Bimmersport and Stance factory are also good. I personally do not know as I have been plodding away at my car on my own. There's also a guy in Scarborough Midland /eg that is known for BMW work...I forget his name but he seems very knowledgeable and reasonable. I could find out if anyone is interested.

I personally would contact Mark D'Sylva and ask him if I needed a mechanic.

Finally, whatever you do...DO NOT GO TO AUTOTREND!!

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