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Originally Posted by 13blackknight View Post
I respect your decision Bliss to clean up the thread, and keep this on topic, however if the OP didn't want opinions or other people experiences with various Sponsor's on this site, then it should have not been posted or deleted by yourself in the beginning, to let it get this far and then clean it up seems to be a form of censorship or preferential treatment.
I"m not associated/deal or know any of the individuals above.
But as consumer and a member of this forum I want to know experiences with sponsors other members have had so we can make an informed decision before we make a purchase.
Maybe this site needs a "code of conduct" what you can post about Sponsor's, because anytime someone posts anything negitive it's always going to make people respond emotionly and sometimes not in the right manner.
my 2 cents.
I totally understand your point, but the thread got really ugly in the end. I do however encourage anyone that had their post removed for clean up purposes to start a new feedback thread individually. When everyone posts their feedback in one thread such as this one it gets too messy and disorganized which causes those "emotional" posts, which finally causes a thread that goes downhill. Hope you understand our situation in making this site as clean and as organized as possible, at the same time getting the message across. It's frustrating for us at the same time as it is for the one's involved. My apologies for any inconvenience to those having to repost.

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