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Originally Posted by terrence330 View Post
I used to have the 70-200 F4L non IS and now i upgraded to the 2.8L IS

out of all 4 of the 70-200 L lenses, the F4L non IS is the sharpest.
In my point of view, I think the IS on the F4L is unnecessary. The non IS is much lighter. IF there is a budget constraint from getting the 2.8L IS, you might as well to consider F4 or F2.8 non IS. I believe 2.8 non IS is only slightly more expensive than f4L IS
That is exactly what my friend told me.(A Photography nerd) He also brought up that IS feature may play a factor if you are taking images where it is dark. I was not quite sure what he meant but, I suppose the IS makes it focus better in limited light. As you have pointed the pros of non IS version, the F4L is the best lens that money can buy from what I see. The question really comes down to if I really need IS or no. I can always upgrade down the road if I end up getting F4L. Thank you
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