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As I said to you in person i DO NOT want a S/C kit but rather the $ or at least some of the money which I paid for the swap. If the swap was not done right, it doesn't make sense for you to try and sell me on another upgrade for my car at your cost. I don't care about that - I care about the job which you HAD previously done.

What the hell do I care for a free S/C install and AA kit at your cost? I want my current car to be fixed and RUNNING the way i want to be - i PAID all that money for my car to be perfect and you guys scrwed up so you want to offer me a free install on a S/C kit which I need to buy from you? how does that make sense? That's a hit in my eyes because you guys will end up breaking something in the process of the install which will end up costing me more than $800.

Why didn't you say we will pay you for all the problems we have caused you and be done with it. But being Bimmersport, you will always try to squeeze the customer to the last penny. NO I WILL NOT take the S/C as a make good for your mistakes for the 100000th time.

I am done with this - if you are not going to make this right, then I'm sure the law will.

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