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Originally Posted by kevin325 View Post
As Zack said, why would I want to come back and have work done at the very same shop that wouldn't make things right when I came to them while I was in need of help?

It's amazing how you say this is a "project" and it was done between a Bimmersport Employee and me - well guess what Jon, Charlie Nour is the sole owner of Bimmersport Automotive and he is liable for all WORK done in that shop. And according to this lovely bill infront of me, all of this work was surely DONE at Bimmersport Automotive. I don't care if it was a project, work order or a swap. If i paid top dollar for work to be done at a "top notch" tuning shop, then why did the owner not even take a look at the car before leaving? i mean he DID take my money, but did he take care of my car the same way he took my money?

He sure didn't - If he had one look under the car he would realize that a near $7,000 job shouldn't have tie straps as mounting brackets for my oil cooler - the exhaust SHOULD not have been welded with 3 different pipes - and to make all this better, you said all the parts have been inspected and nothing is wrong. If your Employee happened to source the parts, does that make you pay less attention to my "project"? So if this swap was done between me and an employee and it wasn't a "work order" then why exactly did i pay $6,890 to Bimmersport Automovie for? Can you please explain that to me? All I know is Charlie did not even look over the car once - I know because every time I would come to ask how things are he wouldn't even know and brush me off to the tech who was working on the car. I mean you guys say this was your first S54 swap and you had a lot to learn then WHY was the "master tech" not helping out and carrying out my swap?

You came to my house and try to reconcile me with a finance supercharger and free install (So technically you are offering me a free install @ $800 for all the issues but at the same time selling me a kit lol). What does a free install benefit me? Is it going to fix my grinding diff? Is this going to pay me for a new oil cooler? new engine? new diff? new exhaust? Pretty much the whole swap is to be redone.

And what are you talking about? The oil cooler broke off last year which I had to buy a used one from MGYVER and have it installed on x-mas day. The lack of responsibility is here for all forum members to see - either you will make things right this time as Zack mentioned and I will clear the air or else we will be doing this same dance for a long time.

Ball is in your court. let's see if you guys will finally do the right thing.
I came to your house LAST YEAR and told you:

Bring the car back

We will go over the ENTIRE swap over, I will give MY COST of the S/C, No labour- matter of fact, if you want take it where you want and I will still load the software on your ECU N/C without you having to ship because NO ONE in Ontario has an AA flashing station except me.

You told me I am not comming back. I spent 2 hours of my personal time, for a decline of the offer.

This is old news Kevin, you fail to let everyone know the attempts I have made on the phone, and in person to you. I again offered you so lets work this out when you came to pick up your parts, and you are the one who said no. You may have felt upset about what happenned when you came, but if we did not care about you - I would not come outside to talk to you about the situation, to prevent any of this (like every other attempt I made).

I did not call you, message you, or come to your house just to chill or to talk about anything else. Charlie even talked to you on our way home from work but you still did not come.

If we did not give a shit about you, I would not have helped you sell your old drive train last year, and even back up your product when the person who bought your stuff complained about it.

Next time you have a problem, and I really do not care what anyone has to say because YOU know the truth about this:

You did not address it when you had the problem, you said yourself "despite what you said, I paid the bill anyways". Now a year later, you want to make it public and tell me to do something about it? Remember - FROM THE TIME OF PAYMENT, UNTIL THIS VERY SECOND I HAVE BEEN TRYING.

I cannot stress that enough, if you have too much pride to come back Kevin - your a big boy, I CANNOT hold your hand and bring you back. I have tried many things to help you out.

Again, I will post this again since my first post wasnt even read correctly -

I told you to bring the car back for:

AN ENTIRE look over of the swap
N/C Labour or the option to take it where you want
I know you will spend 150+ on shipping your ecu, so I will load your ECU with the software to save you the $150.

They are all small #'s individually, but they all add up (much like you said about the bill your complaining about).

I cannot go back in time, and do anything about it. I can only fix the things brought to my attention. If you weren't valued to us, or recognized you are a loyal customer - I would not have always tried to talk to you about this, I would not have COME TO YOUR HOUSE to talk to you about this, I would not even bother posting any of this right now.

Considering this is a problem of an EX employee, and you are STILL talk about the diff from the EX employee (the install did not cause your diff to go, remember we switched the fluid to the updated SAF-XJ to try and remedy the noise with no result in the end) and in that situation, you expected BIMMERSPORT AUTOMOTIVE to replace the diff when you asked nothing of the seller? You are right on many things, but some stuff you are not.

I am not going to PM you anymore with offers, I am not going to make any new ones, because what I have offered you 1 year ago was enough to fix this all. If you had taken my offer, or taken it upon yourself to fix the issue which you left for 1year to YOUR knowledge of your oil cooler you WOULD NOT be in this situation of replacing the cooler, or your head, or anything. You'd be putting down 500whp.

From what I know, since you on many occasions declined my offer as stated above you have 'cut your loss' and would rather ruin the reputation, in fact you told me that. Stop getting at trying to compensate, you had many offers and declined.

The ball was in our court from the time I was aware of all this (last year), you just didn't catch it when I threw it back to you. Your oil cooler broke, your in a tight spot...and now your comming back to me with expectations.

A bad situation happened on your car lately, but that sure could have been prevented if you dropped your pride to accept my offer LAST YEAR.

Please do not tell me, I did not make an attempt.. the word "finally make it right" was offered A LONG TIME AGO.

If you want to professionally communicate and TRULY end this, call me and discuss this.

You could have even done this when you brought your car to your mechanic, the only communication I had from your end, and ever had given this whole situation was yesterday when your mechanic called me. You didn't even call me about it.

I took it upon myself, after seeing your post to YET AGAIN try and reconcile with you, our FIRST part of the conversation could not even be kept private and you quote me.

I try to be professional with you, for you to turn around and use what I am saying against me like I'm trying to buy a way out. I do not get your intention, to try and slap me back how you feel slapped? Seriously, I wish you would deal with me as professionally as you post on here.

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