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offering to install and finance a s/c at no cost... he obviously didn't want you working on the car. because he lost all trust and It seems like you guys made a huge mess. why would he spend more money and have you guys possibly make things worse?

Read the entire comment, he had 2 options. I don't need to type it out more than once. I am only posting here, because if I try to keep things private they go public, so why bother?

maby you guys need to change a few policy's and make sure when stuff goes out the door its going to be a quality job you can stand behind.

Considering this happenned like, 1.5years ago, lots of things change (like the person who did the work, has his own place now, I am now managing our client database instead of being a tech)..even daily- there is also a new staff structure as stated

furthermore a good step in that direction would be to put everything behind you and reconcile in some way with the customer.

Multiple attempts made, but the customer did not want to accept them. He has now posted this, if you read (his and mine, again) out of fustration due to what happenned (the oil cooler line falling off, and due to the fact too much oil came out from the oil line his valve seized (which is the 2nd story I heard from the same source about what happenned).

but dont bother sending me a pm to discuss this with me. i will simply delete it without reading it. good luck and i hope you guys step up to the plate!]

Thanks for the advice, if you have read my post you would see that I took it to a personal level with Kevin - I was not the shop manager at the time, I was not the tech working on the car, but my friendship with Kevin and my moral obligation left me attempting to reconcile this matter with him since the car has left until he picked up his parts last time, by going to his house for a sit down on what happenned, multiple verbal communications. It's fine to me, that Kevin won't say what I have tried to do.

What makes this worse, is that now you posted all you did and half the stuff you are trying to tell me - I have already done and is even in my post, either way thanks for the 'help'. No need to PM me to discuss further, as I will just delete it.

Blackout95, where did I say there is no job documented? Or we do not recognize the job done? I am posting this more as a communication to Kevin, I am not trying to clear the smoke..because we have already changed internally (and not recently) the causes of the problems.

I would love to make this clear, that DISCLOSURE OF AN ENTIRE SITUATION IS NOT RUNNING AWAY FROM A PROBLEM for those who do not understand that.

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