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Originally Posted by kevin325 View Post
I understand that, but the shop in question had msged me saying that the oil cooler breaking off couldn't of caused a bent valve.

The no oil caused the valve to seize in the valve guide, causing it to hit the piston and then bending.

Also the whole top end of engine cams, lifters etc are scored, due to loss of oil.
I see. Well, literally, they are right...

But really dude, Valves don't seize... at least not immediately. You know what material guides are made from, right? You would have a hell of a catastrophe with the rest of the motor before the valves 'seize'... As far as being bent, that wouldn't be caused by lack of oil.

If the top end is as bad as you say it is, you better take a look at the bottom end, you may be surprised. I wouldn't doubt you being ready for a full rebuild at this point if it was seriously run that badly out of oil. I'd say you're lucky it hasn't grenaded yet. Good luck, hope you can get it all resolved.

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