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Your mechanic contacted me, and informed of the real conclusion
(which you should have before you discuss with people or if you did you'd originally post that).

Kevin, when I personally came to your house and had numerous
discussions to bring it back to get all of this sorted out you
declined as you lost trust. Understandable, I offered you the S/C
(we'd even finance it for you at cost with N/C install) you wanted ON
TOP of the repairs necessary to compensate for time, fustration, and
money lost due to the time which was declined.

Unfortunately, at the time of install I was not in the position
of this company to legitimately authorize anything - while I came into
this position I named the offer above, with no acceptance. Even the
choice to take the kit, and get it installed where you want. I already
know when you turned it down, and went direct to the manufacture and paid more than what I'd give it to you for (seems a bit hard headed, but it
is ultimately your choice). Please do not tell me you got it at an offer I can't give, we both know that is pure BS as we have a joint venture with that very company.

We could go further into this, and conclude this matter (like said a
LONG TIME AGO) but you did not return my call at the time of pick up.
You were determined to go your own route (I know you called me on the
way back from KW, but I called you back with no return call). As you said when you left the shop, that you want to do everything in your power to get back.

By the way, I know your quoting I PM'd you due to mutual respect. Since you cannot show the same respect after all I've tried to help you, then I guess I will quote you back.

As far as your concerned Bimmersport is liable for all parts sold - when you bought the drivetrain (incl the failing diff) from an employee NOT BIMMERSPORT AUTOMOTIVE INC. How much credit do I have in this? Lets see...I went with the employee to pick it up, I negotiated the deal between you 2, I even stored your stuff at my house. Why would I do that if Bimmersport sold it to you? Just for the record, I am not the employee who sourced, or planned out this project. The project was an influenced idea from the employee to the customer. Bimmersport Automotive was inclined to harbour the work given the 2 mutual parties interest in this project. Note the word 'project', not work order. The tech and customer both willingly went into this project knowing neither party has done this before, and is an attempt to make it work based on confidence, and extensive and creditable knowledge on the vehicle, engine and the electrical complications involved.

I'm giving you the opportunity to discuss this further in PM. Do not quote me personally on here, and if you have any mechanical questions ask your mechanic. The reason why things go sour on both ends is because you did not take my advice of bringing up an issue when you have it. Instead, you failed to do so and got advice from people on the boards (mind you, some are smart - but how good of a source is it compared to a known shop?)..paid what you did and bring it up publicly months later. I do not understand how you expect things to be solved.

Your mechanic said you brought the car in last month to get the broken/fallen off oil cooler fixed, that wasn't an issue when it left the shop (it was secured, but not the way you'd want it). You were uninformed of that when it left our shop, you were informed of its 'hazard' in late 09 when you got it checked by a different sponsor (there is a reference to that on this very forum). You didn't repair it, or bring it back to us addressing it...and THIS YEAR it comes off (1 year after you knew) and it is a huge problem to your engine. If I was a customer, and had found out I had a problem or questionable installation of a product I would:

1) Take it back, and get it repaired
2) Lost faith in the shop, and get it fixed elsewhere

My question is why did you not fix it when it was addressed in 09? If you did not that means you had confidence in it? Before you say what I can 90% assume, NO I am not saying too bad, so sad.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the VIN # since the items sold are not in our records. You would have to contact the private seller of your parts.

I am still deeply sorry for all of this, as things may be different given I was in the position I am now - however, our staff structure has changed due to these very issues.

By the way, I'm still in shock to see how much effort you are putting to bring up the diff issue, even your mechanic tried to throw it at me (aside from a few other off topic things he has 1 side of the story on....) when the person who sold it to you is still your buddy - and if he made the situation right (which I am sure he would, and did otherwise I doubt you'd even wish him happy bday), why are you bringing up a failed part with a party who did not even sell it to you?

I'd also love to know, approx. HOW LONG would you really leave the engine running after hitting something to break the oil lines off the cooler! If you left it on long enough for that small line, to leak 6+ L out of the engine to cause the seizing of the valve, is it really the installation ?

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