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Originally Posted by kevin325 View Post
I hear you man, and now I have to most likely find a new motor as the rebuild cost of the head is as much as a used S54.
Yeah, at this point it may be worth to get some cool aftermarket components, make it worth the trouble.

Originally Posted by kevin325 View Post
I was also wondering if the following statement is true or not: The S54 (or any engine) does not rely on engine oil to keep the head/engine cool.

So if the oil cooler broke off and all the engine oil poured out the side of my car, my head would still be ok and my valve(s) would not be bent? Please educate me.
The statement is true but unfortunately your conclusion does not follow from it. The cooler doesn't replace the coolant in its job to cool the engine, it just helps. But like Rudy said, you need oil pressure, and any leak will make you lose it. The whole motor could be toast, just not making itself felt yet.
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