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Cheers fellas, yeah a 4 year build ... now time to actually enjoy the car

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
She's a beauty!! That civic was pretty quick too.
Tell me about it, it suprised the s**t outta me as my mate had his prepped 500hp r32 skyline out too and we were both matched ... you can actually see the civic wheel spin with LSD over turn 3. Goes to show power to weight is everything on these tight curcuits.

I kind of pussy out on the braking as its my first time out on slicks, and I found later in the day I had sooooo much more braking capibility as well as cornering. Im back again at this curcuit Feb 19th so I'm going to try a little harder. I have a friend with the same type of car doing 1:14's around there so I defanitely have more in me!

e30/s50b32 build thread
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