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Originally Posted by ///MG View Post
Everything you guys said here sounds pretty accurate. I'm not sure where you got the carfax showing the car was in AB. The carfax for this BMW was only registered in ON.

I put down $1000 deposit but they told me that they "stand behind their cars" and I can take it to my mechanic to have it checked and if for any reason it isn't good I'd get my deposit back. Spoke to the sales rep (Tom). Seems like a solid guy. He told me that they will have to issue a cheque for my deposit and that it might take a while. Called him yesterday and he said that he's already submitted the paperwork.

One thing that I did notice is that a lot of the stuff (like allignment, mechanical inspection at my shop and financing) were not written on the BOS so I made them add it (as they were the terms of the sale) and only after they wrote it down I signed the BOS.

I'm hoping that I'm not going to have any problems with getting the deposit back. I don't want to go thru omvic.

I'll keep you guys posted.

the carfax that says alberta was for the dark cray e90 on thier lot. legally they have to give you your money back on the spot if no contract was signed! it was omvic that told me this and its stated in section 38 of motor vehicle dealers act 2002. they seem nice but they are a bunch of ****ing assholes. i walked into the main building down the street i pre called them and said i want my money and im coming to get it today, they said they couldnt give me my money untill the end of the next week.... i said nope your giving it to me today i will stay here untill i get it. this is at 3pm i wait 10 minutes no one comes to talk to me i go to the front talk to the receptionist. tole her i want to speak to the dealer principle, 5 minutes goes by no one comes and talks to me. i told her that they have untill 3:30 to put a cheque in my hand or im calling omvic and filing a complaint because section 38 states that they have to return my deposit immediately upon request. 2 minutes later manager comes and tells me i will have a cheque in 10 minutes. 325pm they gave me a cheque. not so impossible is it? yet they were saying it was going to take another week.
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