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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
Reminds me of my dealings with one of those Keele st dealers when my parents were looking at an E39 M sport. What a hassle, the same day I found out the history of the "CLEAN MINT SUPER MINT" E39 and had to almost go postal on their @$$ to get it back.

Sorry to hear for your hassle, I hate buying used higher end cars for this very reason.
yeah it was pretty pathetic they took advantage of me because of my age..... telling me this is the only car for me ect. i told them price wise i could get into new jetta they were like wow thats a totally different car ken was like i just got back from vacation and i head about the car i really wanted it but i heard it was pending sale... then a few days later he gives me shit saying i held the car for you wen i told him to go and sell it dont hold it. then i said hey i did you a favor you wanted the car so badly why dont you buy it. his response that's my business.... too bad i never signed those papers because i cant file a complaint with omvic, if no purchase agreement is signed.
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