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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
I actually made the deal with the sales guy in front of our customer!

I am contemplating pulling our customer's HPF kit and using on it my new E46 M3 just for the winter months though

Yes the car was from Georgetown Kia...Mike did you notice how he didn't know their own terms of sale? lol I found that really funny. "You know what, I have honestly never even read that stuff...just sign and go" ya right

Thanks for bringing it to us, it was our pleasure to help you out! Good luck on the search, also check the forum sponsor Euro Motorsport they have an E46 M3 for sale as well!

wow i saw the car there when i was looking at the e90 they have they said the car was clean i asked if it was a person or commercial car they said it was 1 owner personal car they never gave me a carproof but insisted it was good the summer tires are all bald never realized this. i took thier word drove the car for ppi at rmp tires are bald they wouldn't adjust the price or replace tires to close the deal and i did a carfax after all this because i thought something was fishy and low and behold its an alberta car it has 6 records and looks like 3 owners and it was registered as a commercial vehicle..... if i would of know i wouldn't of wasted my time. your right they dont know their terms of sale they are idiots. it was a fight to get my deposit back i basically went to the main store after almost 2 weeks and told them they have 15 minutes to give me my money. they even tried to force me to sign a purchase agreement they said ok we will cross out purchase on the paper just sign it...... scumbags absolute scumbags!
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