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It's been a while, and progress has been slow this month, but there are a few new developments:

-All the sound deadening has been removed, but I still have to clean everything up with brake cleaner. It also uncovered a nice rust hole on the passenger side floor that I will have to patch up.

-I've been playing more and more in the wiring of the car and have been getting more and more scared. I am trying to run everything back into the fusebox in order to eliminate useless wiring but it's proving to be pretty complicated. I've managed to take out probably another couple pounds though, and I hope for more soon. The problem is that I can't try starting the engine because the engine harness is out and part of the engine is disassembled. So hopefully i don't have any surprises in the spring!

-Engine parts should be trickling in next week. Once the pistons come in, they will be brought to the machine shop to have the block bored correctly. I'm also going to bring the head in to have it shaved (to eliminate any warp).

-I picked up a new steering wheel too - a 330mm Sparco Rim. I hear that's pretty small for a BMW, but I'll try it and if I don't like I can always sell.

-Car will be sent in for its rear roll bar and bracing, and seat brackets hopefully next week sometime.

I'll keep you all posted as the engine build progresses!
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