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Originally Posted by Gleb View Post
If I have the means in the future, this will be my next race car. I bet you can get it down to 2700# WET, including the cage, without trying too hard.
The seats alone have to be 300#
As a race car it will be an E30 with a ton of power and a suspension design that even most modern production based race cars can only dream about.
I found this to be the most informative post in this thread. Gleb's perspective raises some interesting follow-up questions:

What are the main reasons you would choose the 1M for a race platform, vs the Z4 M Coupe?
I assume (perhaps wrongly) the latter has even less mass and costs more, but you should assume that's all I know (I realise this is a big topic on its own - feel free to start a new thread )

And I hope this question makes sense: Which of the two would you choose for BMW Club School usage, as opposed to racing? (Both are very different from my current car and means - so this is all speculative)

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