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Originally Posted by SickFinga View Post
I can't take the credit for this since it was a bunch of us on Reddit trying to figure out the ways to watch it, but here are the instructions.

You need to block a bunch of stuff on your firewall.

1. Block all OUTGOING TCP/UDP connections on port 1935.
2. Block URL -
3. Block URL -

This is it. You can watch hulu without any ads from anywhere in the world.

Now there are a bunch of ways to block all that stuff. Personally I use firewall on my router so I don't need to block those on each computer. I got SMC cable modem/router and I can walk you through the settings. You can also use Windows and Mac firewall, except you gotta block the IPs of those URLs(ping them to get the IP). Again router method is preferred since those URLs can use rolling IPs.

P.S. You will get a pop-up on saying it works for US only, but ignore that and just go straight to the video. I'm watching Hulu like that for about 2 months now.

i cant seem to figure out how to do this on my dir-655.... there is no options to just block a port.
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