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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
haha cool

will blocking that port affect surfing and other stuff though?
Well, blocking those URL's won't. Flash uses port 1935 to talk a server, but in the last 2-3 months I haven't encountered any problems with any services while blocking that port.

Originally Posted by Deep 3.2TL View Post
Yo guys - Have a Dlink WBR2310 - Can't figure out how to block a port - any help?
Sorry, can't help you with that as I don't know anything about that router and it might not be supported

Originally Posted by pawcio View Post
^ i tired it too...and it works great thanks.

just to add...if you're running windows xp its easier to set it up using your router firewall as you can't block outgoing ports in least i don't know how
Yes you are correct, XP SP2 firewall does NOT support outgoing connections.
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