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Thanks guys. There will be rides and vids aplenty soon enough.

Originally Posted by E36is View Post
congrats Dan, that swap looks great. A question though, what mods have been done to the chassis to strengthen it up? rear diff? how much more weight does the engine and tranny add to the car now? finally was there any cam changes or is the engine pretty much stock right now?
I have a subframe reinforcement kit as well as alu subframe bushings, but they have yet to be installed. The line of thought is that with 225 winters on, if anything breaks (for now) it will be traction. A full tune is forthcoming in the spring; the tuner said it's currently a mild tune for the cam. He thinks that once we get it on a dyno it should be good for another 50hp or 70hp. Following that I will do all the enhancements (eg, install subframe kits, way wider tires with appropriate body mods). Not sure what to do about the diff, the 3:23 seems way too tall, I was on my way to work this morning and in 3rd @120kph the motor was at 3K.
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