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Part III

The exhaust configuration was up for debate right until the first pieces were welded on. The only decision we made going in was the choice of stainless.

We went 2.5'' from the headers to a 3'' Y pre Cat.

Then a 3'' cat into a MagnaFlow with dual oval tips.

So at this point we have the first startup and drive away.

I was worried it was going to be loud, but my fears were put to rest as it actually sounds quite tame, that is until you hit some higher rpms. Unfortunately I have no video of that to show you at the moment, rest assured that some will be posted soon enough.

I would like to thank everyone that worked on this project, Some from Auto Evolution (Rob, Matt, Andrew, Jenn), some not (EMPOWERD, SimplyCars, suppliers). Honorable mention goes out to Standard Auto wreckers and NAHR(New Age Hot Rods). Without all the support this project would not have been a success. If anyone is looking for any type of swap you can trust Auto Evolution to get it done properly. Rob, his team, and supporting vendors have the knowledge and expertise for any kind of project you can throw at them. Great work guys!

That's about all there is too it. See you guys on the street.

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