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Part II

Following the engine and transmission mounts being painted and being able to mount the motor in the car it was time to start looking at headers. Anyone who has looked into this swap knows that headers are one of the high cost items. This led us into a challenge because after fabricating custom all custom mounts it was unsure if any produced headers would even work. We were told from a source that it would likely not work but would be a good starting point. So we started looking for used LS swap headers, yea like they are super easy to find. Oddly we did find a few sets, so we spent a bit of back and forth time with measurements and seeing if they would work. In the end it turned out the headers were for a Ford 5.0 swap, but while we were communicating with these parties the shop received a few goodies.

The Cam is from Comp Cams and is the Thumpr(275thr), I wanted a bit of exhaust overlap to give it a muscle car sound. LSA is 109 so it has no problem with that. After doing the cam swap some accessories were bolted on and we were ready for headers.

Rob felt that, again, in house design and build was the best way. So Block hugers were purchased and then cut apart. After some time playing with the pieces, much like the Vorshlag kit, we chose to run the steering shaft right through the primaries.

The headers were then cleaned up and painted.

Now that most of the hard stuff was out of the way the driveline could be bolted in for good.

Next came the engine harness, fuel setup, and the rest of the accessories. This allowed us to start the car.

A few points to mention. The fuel system was built using a Corvette Fuel filter rather than the BMW one. The BMW pump moves enough fuel and because the Corvette fuel filter has an pressure regulator built in we were good to go.

The front end was then put back together and the heating system was worked out.

You will notice the BMW power steering fluid reservoir sticks way up from the engine this was only temporary to get the car moving; It did not stay like that.

Add in some head lights and a corner marker or two and here we are bound for the exhaust shop.
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