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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
...and an E30 M3 is a massive, ungainly pig compared to a 2002 Tii.

Why do we have to have this discussion every time a new car comes out? 14 years adds a lot of safety, comfort, and technology - things people who have $50k+ to buy a fun car value.
LOL.....I guess this shows our age difference, I just don't like the direction BMW and many other car manufacturers are going. I understand the safety and technology and comfort argument, and for the masses, that is what people look for. I can't even blame them, because of the business model it creates. The problem I have is when they compare it to an e30 M3, or say how it brings the company back to it's roots etc, those kind of statements or comparisons just prove they even know they had something back in the day and that over the years they have strayed to grab a bigger piece of market share, and now they are trying to capture some of the glory from back in the day. BUT where are the enthusiasts supposed to shop. Jay, you know weight is the enemy of performance more than anything, so someone looking to flog they're ride at racetracks and autocrosses or rallies, this car is just another heavy pig.

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