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^^Agreed^^ They lost me at 3300lbs. I would gladly give up 100 hp if they could drop the weight down to 2700lbs ish. If a Mini Cooper S can weigh in at 2500lbs, this 1 M should be no more than 2700lbs. Like just about all BMW's in the last 10 years I'm losing interest as they are gaining weight. The Ford Mustang is looking better and better, along with the Hyundai Genesis.....

I know the Mustang and Genesis are heavy also, but they are bigger and provide driving dynamics that was once the benchmark of a BMW that seems to be going by the wayside in exchange for more luxury and comfort. If I wanted luxury and comfort, I'd buy a Mercedes, I want performance, hence I buy a BMW. Or maybe bought BMW's and will be going elswhere with future vehicles......

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