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^ Yes sir! That's along the lines I was thinking. I couldn't help myself, and had to go work anyways... 9 fingers wasn't gonna stop me. I'll edit this post in a bit with an update.


I set off to make another panel after the first one disintegrated while cutting. Here is the last test fit of the original one in the cluster:

It fit nice. Too bad. One to number two.

Dremeled out the spaces for the gauges

Hmm, they look nice!

Last check to make sure it fit without any stressed edges. Eventually it will be glued to the cluster.

Good enough. Paint time! I hope this ends up drying into satin.

Meanwhile, waiting for paint to dry... I took a try at cleaning the gauge glass. What's cool about it is, it's actually glass!

I slid the half wet panel onto the cluster to see how it looks. I'm happy with it! We'll see how it looks tomorrow with a few gauges in it. Still waiting for my Rpm gauge to arrive this week then I can see how it all fits together.


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