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Originally Posted by parm View Post
"Sorry to rain on your parade" I got a big umbrella, Trying telling some e36 guys this!

P.S Looking into boosting the M5 next summer got any advice?
No worries...The fact of the matter is that you cannot compare performance of the newer cars to the older M cars... Many of the M cars were hand made and awesome performance for the day...My old friend had a 1989 Alpina...the car was state of the art back in the day, like 200hp..The truth is that a new 1 series would destroy this car in every aspect of performance and ride.. As time goes on, BMW finds better ways to improve performance of their "regular" line up... For example that e36 M3 couldn't really compete with one of the new 335 ( new twin turbo), ..Thats just the way it I guess. Anyhow this is something I have come to terms with as well as sad a reality as it is. I am not trying to be a jerk..just an observation I have made. the new x3 has a 260hp all aluminum block...see what I mean..

regarding the SC, I was looking at a PAXTON for the longest time, they are plentiful and cheap and they mount on the left side of the engine bay of Fords. All you would need is to fabricate a bracket to get it to mount on your car.
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