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Originally Posted by Bogdon View Post
Tried the search and did not find any dedicated thread to this topic. Can anyone direct me to some detailed information on putting a m5 engine into my 2001 54oiA?


Will it bolt right in?
I believe it will
Will the transmission I already have work?
If its a GETRAG 420g
Will the computer work, can it just be reflashed?
I cant see why it cant be made to work.
Will the wiring harness work, will I need the m5 harness, will I need to do some custom wiring? You may need the harness
will my cooling system work? Why not?
Am I forgetting anything?
I am assuming you mean a E39 m5, It should go are going to want the M5 brakes, LSD, the axels and the rear fender panels to support the wheels you want. Dont forget the computer, and various other items....god you might as well but an M5 at that point unless you got a wrecked one and you do the work yourself. Open Diff, one wheel drive is not going to make you happy with just the engine swap..
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