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Originally Posted by lutasa View Post
Ok - I just ordered new Behr thermostat/housing and will be replacing it tomomorrow. Seems to be that replacing it annualy is almost the safest thing! I will let you know the outcome....

Thanks everyone for tips and suggestions, it's highly appreciated!
Replacing it annually is fine for GM and ford but many of the import Tstats last a very long time.

My question is are you getting heat in the car? If the needle is over the middle but not buried far to the right it is prob ok. The gauge is just a general indicator. Again if it is buried to the right you may have a problem. Although it does appear from what you are saying that your Tstat may be stuck or opening slowly.

You can take the old one out and boil it in water and see if it opens quickly enough.

Again my Tstat in my e39 is almost 7 years subaru Tstat was over 11 years old and no issues.its possible also the coolant wasn't filled properly.

Refer to the proper procedure from the manual...I can't remember what it is but somebody can chime in. Try this before you take everything apart.
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