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^ Haha, funny that dash is a CSL dash (but a poor copy). We have a mold for that too actually, but I didn't want to make a mini-CSL. I'm starting to regret buying that console now too

As for the gauge pod in the dash, I don't know, I never was a fan of those. The other thing is, majority of the gauges in the cluster will now be rendered useless. I don't have a fuel tank anymore, so the gas gauge is useless. And I don't have a speedo drive anymore, so the speed gauge is not being used either. I figured, the least I can do is try to salvage that garbage cluster...

On another note, the piece I was working on yesterday became a bit more of an episode than I thought. The hole-saw decided to eat the sheet, tearing it off the wood I had it clamped to, shattering into a few pieces and became a sweet makeshift sawblade. One finger became a casualty, I thought it went through because I couldn't feel it at first, but turns it out it only cut about 1/4 way through. Still though: FAIL. Might go back to it in a day or so, I'm still quite cheesed off about it. That's why my update just kind of stops lol

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