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For the past couple weeks, I've been pondering what to do for gauges. Researching countless ideas online, nothing really fit my criteria of clean appearance, and a price tag that isn't out the window. This isn't some championship winning build, so I ruled out using a digital dash (although it would be pretty badass). I resorted to some creative thinking using a 2002 gauge cluster that I bought on here recently which I later discovered wasn't a good purchase (very poor shape), but I'm trying to make good out of a shoddy situation. I took the cluster apart, and started to make a template for my gauge holder. I will be reusing the original 2002 rpm gauge, but shifted over to the center of the cluster, while 4 VDO 2 1/16th gauges will be housed alongside. I'll also be putting in a few warning lights for low oil pressure and such.

Paper template cut out.

Now to figure out how to put the gauges. Not left with enough space, so staggering them will have to do!


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