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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
the oem rads are ticking time bombs especially on a track car imo...

id also do the sway bar reinforcements.(id do all of them) but obviously its up to you.

OEM Rads are good. Not sure where you're getting the ticking time bomb idea from. I've had the same rad for 3 years on my DD which has seen A LOT of the track. No issues. As I've only had it 3 years, who knows how old it really is.

Sure maybe if it were over 6 years old then I'd start to worry. But at that age, isn't any rad on it way out?

As for the swaybar reinforcements, I still don't find it necessary especially when I'm going to be running a stock rear swaybar if I run one at all.

Originally Posted by exbmwtech View Post
How about reinforcing the trailing arm pocket area?(think about the tires you are going to use)
How about adding a few more bars to the cage/sub frame to reduce flex ( I've read the BMWCCA rules..... but if are mostly going to run gt sprints/gt challenge in Ontario.... make the cage safe and stiff .......first ....less headaches later.)
The trailing arm pocket definitely needs to be done! Turner recommends just welding around the original mount. No need for the extra plates. I'll have that done when the cage is done since I can't weld

The cage is pretty final in case I want the sell the car.

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