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Originally Posted by Beesuu View Post
Oh man lmfao, I'm a total noobie which size or specific winter tires would fit my car? LOL also I'm not sure where I could bring to a place to get em installed ? :S thankssssss such a novice lol
Just about all BMW 3 series (not M3!) wheels will fit your car, just look around and ask around. A 16" or 17" rim is good for winter, with say a 205/55/16 or 205/50/17 tire would be fine. Don't go wider than a 225 as wider tires are not great in snow.

One thing to be aware of is that for Xdrive, all 4 tires need to be the same diameter (or very close) so it's best to have all 4 the same tires.

Wallmart and Costco have really cheap tires, and plenty of tire places will sell you used stuff for a bit cheaper, but don't skimp on these ... old worn out winters is no better than no-seasons! Any tire place or shop can do the install.
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