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Originally Posted by M34LIFE View Post
can you also double check the offset for the miro lm r rep fronts ?
15+ offset is a bit aggresive...
Yes, that is the offset for the fronts
Unfortunately the LMR reps may not be for sale anymore though . Did you get my PM with suggestions?

Originally Posted by VP M3 View Post
Sorry didint realize they were Corsa's. I need tires for the street.
Oh they are the PZero Corsa SYSTEMS, my mistake for not differentiating in the thread title. They are the system set, (as opposed to the plain PZero Corsas). They are the street adapted version of the Corsa tires, ideal for road/track use according to Pirelli.

I did alot of research before purchasing the set, and was going to use them on my OEM 220M rims (before I sold them) for DD use, mixed in with a little bit of minor track use. These were the most ideal tires I could find for that.

Here are some very knowledgeable reviews from the E60 M5 owners I conferred with before my purchase (alot of them seemed to be using Corsas to replace their OE PS2s):

If you think they're still a bit too aggressive, I completely understand!

Oh and to answer your above question; they are 26.85 in. diameter, as opposed to the stock 26.30 in. diameter.

Hope that Helps

Originally Posted by khurram View Post
wish i could sell my zcps, i would have bought these
nice to see great rims selling local, and at a competative price
If you do; willing to sell my Advans for $1600! Bought the new set so these must gooo!
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