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Thanks! I was kind of hoping for an Alpina blue, but I think I like this green more. Germany and Japan are the best sources to find Alpinas. The advantage of buying it in Japan is that you can get one with low kms (and probably didn't average 200 km/h haha). Probably the best german site is
There I found one similar to mine for 25000 euro. Mine's a '90 and right now I'm at about 103k. The one in Germany is an '89 with 150k and it's the long version. Sadly, that one is missing the Alpina front spoiler, steering wheel and rear badges (smells like a F/R collision).
I haven't really added my amounts, but I can estimate the shipping/taxes/etc to be around 5k. Depending on the condition of the car, plus how much you want to invest in parts, I think 15k may just be feasible. I know there were e34 B10 (some Bi-turbo) as well. Another thing is the age. For newer ones (e38) the import taxes could be significantly higher, as well as they will require all that jazz about daylight running lights / the annoying beeper to warn you when the door is open etc.
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