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Originally Posted by Dado 540 View Post
Loss of heat in the cabin could be an eazy fix as adding coolant to the reservoir and/or releasing any build up air pockets.

Next step could be the thermostat or heater core,....

If the thermostat is gone it will go into the manual mode and stay open as a failsafe not to overheat the engine so your engine would actually be cooler than normal.

This car and its never ending cooling issues aghhhh! Do the whole overhaul and be at peace. Get the all aluminum rad with built in tank, water pump with metal propelers, bulletproof thermostat.
Looks like you've been there already Do you have any idea what the cost of complete overhaul be in GTA? Here in London, I'm pretty much stuck with local dealership I know that rad has been already replaced by BMW (it was ex CPO car) and as I've mentioned, previous owner replaced wp, pulleys, fan clutch and belts approx 6 monhts ago...
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