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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
lol. no non-fi e36 is going to beat a LS1 trans am.

Except a yellow one with no interior

In all seriousness, this guy reminds me of a friend of mine I used to compete with in my Mustang days.

I had spent around 20G getting my NA 306 '89lx to make 360rwhp and handle nicely.
My buddy slapped some ported heads and a summit cam, along with some random cheap suspension stuff into his car and would beat me up with it all the time!
It was just a lucky combination, that just worked really really well.
I remember doing dyno days, and the boys at dasilva's were always amazed.

It burned me to no end, but thats the fun of cars... you don't always have to be a pro to be a contender
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