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Originally Posted by ///M325i View Post
my friend you've got it all wrong All im looking for is MORE POWER!! I'm just building for fun i wasn't planing on buying a 325i (e36) but as soon as i drove it and herd the sound i loved it. I don't want any "bragging rights." With an 2.8L and an M50 manifold with
turbo i can take most cars on the road and thats a win for me lol And i don't really know about the VANOS system as i mentioned earlier But i would like to learn and you seem to know a lot about it. And i do agree HP gain at high RMP is sooooo useless because you cant use it. It's never there.
Vanos is a variable valve timing system, and BMWs are not a strait line car, if you want to light to light, just drop a 3.91 diff on and go nutz
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