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Originally Posted by MiroE36 View Post
When i saw 26K i was ready to roll over in my grave. List it for 18K, but expect to collect between 15-16K if someone really likes the car.
"A bmw dealership offered me $17,500 for a trade in value on a 2004 330ci ZHP just so you know."

True story, and I have paperwork to prove it. this was just a couple months back. after numerous private offers of $20-22k this past summer, most clean ZHP's will pull in a good $2X,XXX something this upcoming spring.

With your logic, I guess everyone should be listing any E36 for $2000 because thats all they're worth (even the M's) right? * sarcasm *

A car is worth what the buyer wants to pay. Providing the car is great condition, Find the right buyer, and any car will sell for your asking price.

Not everyone wants to buy a high mileage 02 M3 Coupe for $2X,000, and the ZHP is the perfect medium for a daily driver, between the basic 330ci compared to M3.
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