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Originally Posted by BSL View Post
I would much prefer the last available, proven NA motor, over a first gen FI motor.

I saw all good reviews for '06 330's. Im not sure why ppl on here bash certain models and never back it up?

Not that I care either way, if they are a 'piece of crap', but I'd like to know why.
I remember guys saying the same type of thing about pre-facelift cars...
E90 330s had N52B30, E46 330s had M54B30.
E90s 330 motor is NOT proven, like you say.

I too would prefer the last and proven NA motor over eh new FI, and thats why I got my my E46.

The motor in the E90 330 was produced for a VERY short period of time before BMW went to FI, sure it made good power(I believe 255hp for north american models) but thats NOT enought to convince me to sit in an uberly ugly car that handles like my friends Camry. The car itself is crap:
-VERY cheap interior design
-handles like a pig
-just an overall SOFT car
-a complete opposite of the Ultimate Driving Machine

Sorry guys, E90s are crap. They were NOT built for people who enjoy driving, not for enthusiast. They are for the general public.

You guys ever drove an E9X? If you have, you'd know what I'm talking about. Even if you drive a 335i , you'd hate it after a month or so (when you get used to the power, you'll see that the rest of the car is crap).
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