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Originally Posted by Dr. Flyview View Post
How can you say that? If the thermostat is stuck open (coolant constantly flowing through the rad), then the car takes a lot longer to warm up, and possibly not warm up to where it's supposed to at all. I had that happen on my benz.

I thought this thread was a joke. No heat in the mornings aka when he first starts the car, and at idle. Well duh you have to drive the car for 10-15 minutes before you get heat.
Because using a little judgement/logic I came to the conclusion that no one expects heat when the car is stone cold, plus he says he gets heat when he starts MOVING.

all you people saying is the thermostat aren't making any sense. Let me repeat. The OP says he GETS heat when he starts moving, but none when he is idle.

How the heck can that be the thermostat? Besides, the thermostat will never block the heater core, it only blocks flow to the rad.

It's either low on fluid/air in the system, or the water pump.
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