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Alright I went to the shop tonight to get this stupid thing running and succeeded.

I gave Mike a call (from Stancefactory) since he's a BMW wiring genius. He explained how I had to bypass the EWS which I didn't think I needed to do. Then the car would crank but wasn't getting fuel.

Turned out when I changed the pumps and re-wired them, I got the positive and ground mixed up. So the pumped was operating, but backwards.

Rewired that, and it started perfectly. Runs great. Probably going to take it for a test drive tomorrow.

Also going to make my intake heat shield tomorrow. I make a DIY on that.

So it's almost there!

Whats left:

Install 3.73 LSD when it's done.
Change some of the rear end mounts and do front control arm mounts
Install seats and harnesses
New balljoints and Tie Rods

Then it's pretty much done!

Dakar M3 Track Build Thread

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