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Originally Posted by Ahctuning View Post
Let's say the summer car is newer (than the winter beater) and has only liability coverage for the winter hibernation period. Is emergency vehicle switching coverage automatic or this is something that has to be pre-arranged with the insurance agent?

And what if the winterbeater dies on a friday evening when the insurance office is already closed for business and you cant call the agent to advise you're switching vehicles, can I just pull the summer car out of the garage and use it all week end long? Would I be covered and to what extent is the coverage?
Sorry! I missed this...

A switch between cars you already own is NOT AUTOMATIC!!! It must be discussed with your agent/broker. No discussion on record = not covered in any way.

A newly acquired vehicle has VERY different rules; there are limited automatic coverages for a brief period of time. Depending on your situation, you may not even qualify for the automatic coverage. (ie: if you have more then 1 auto policy in your name) As a rule our brokerage advises that our clients report all changes to us before you take delivery of a new(or new to you) vehicle.

With insurance, never assume you have coverage, get it in writing or at least verbally (and note the persons name, extension &or employee #)

Originally Posted by E34TDS View Post
My summer car IS a winter beater....
My winter beater IS a summer car I decrease my collision deductible for the winter months.

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