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Originally Posted by e30_kid89 View Post
dude, shoulda grabbed my rad it was 100% fine...I threw it out

edit: I know of a place that can probably re-core your rad..just email me or give me a ring.
haha dude, as soon as i pulled mine out and saw it. i was like shit, shoulda grabbed that rad. Ill probably drive out there to grab that coil pack wire and see you. Did you have to cut into the rad support to fit the intercooler?

Update: got all old wiring harness out, all accessories. sanded old gasket out and pistons, was alot of carbon in there. Started to do alittle shaving and wiring tucking things. measured out how im going to cut intercooler.

Also insulated the garage, Just need to get a natural gas heater in there and we'd be rockin.

bad news , broke a chain guide so now have to go into that. Will post some more pictures tommorrow. exhaust and lazy.

Will be looking for VDO gauges, passenger side fog light lense,
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