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Originally Posted by Vander View Post
no offense but there is a lot of distortion in the weave of those parts. If it were me I would be unhappy with them.

Are you putting down a base layer of epoxy and letting that go to a tack first before applying the fabric? Also I noticed that you are taping the edges of the fabric for cutting to prevent the fabric from separating, but if you are laying up like this it will not allow the fabric to conform to the part as well. Not saying that this is what your doing but it was just an observation.

The fuse box cover on the other hand looks pretty good
Yes, I'm putting down a base layer and letting go to tack and the tape is only for cutting and initial placement, the tape is cut in approx 1/4" sections to allow for movement, yet maintain its consistency.

Try to minimize distortion, happens ocassionally. Guy receiving has seen pictures and actually likes the section with the "curvy look" to it. Cloth isn't vinyl (as it sounds like you already know), so it can be "conformed" to corners and edges; but it will distort when you go into a corner that "spreads" the fabric (like the inside of the door handle). Even the "commercial" products do the same (seen it on dozens of commercial parts); even been asked to re-wrap some commecial pieces to fix bad distortion.
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