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Originally Posted by woofster View Post
I find the best insurance rates are the ones where you are part of a group plan. Professional associations and university alumni are the primary ones that I currently and have used for substantial savings.
Exactly what I was going to post. Initially when I called around to get quotes for primary insurance, I got $450 MINIMUM, up to something ridiculous like $700.

I'm 22, one 10 over ticket. Only 1 year of official on-the-record insurance, full G for less than a year, G2 since 2006.

My dad's part of a group that insures architects, and we are both on his policy as primary drivers (2 cars + 2 drivers = must be 2 primaries).

20% group discount (architect group)
10% multi-policy discount (house)
10% multi vehicle discount
10% good student discount
10% or 15% no convition (I lost this one)

My dad also gets an age discount.

I'm paying $190 for my BMW as a primary driver.

1998 BMW 328is - summer
1992 Ford E250 Sportsmobile - daily
1993 BMW 525i - sold
1994 BMW 325i - sold
1992 BMW 325i - gone
1988 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3-8V -

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